Child/School Injuries

It’s devastating when children experience personal injury, especially while in the presumed safety of a school or other educational institution. The resulting physical, emotional and financial impact is profound.

When an individual or the school itself is responsible for causing that personal injury, it could result in a claim.

If you believe you have a claim, seek advice from an experienced attorney who will help you determine its validity and the next steps that you should take.

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A Not necessarily. The law in this area is very difficult, and it takes the right facts to make any sort of case against a school. A typical fall on the playground or something isn’t probably going to lead to a case – kids will be kids. If you think your child’s injury could/should have been prevented, it can’t hurt to call us.
A Sports lead to injuries. Most injuries are unfortunate, but simply a result of the sport itself. However, if a coach does something he/she knows was unsafe, there could be a case.
A Sports concussions are a special area of interest for one of our partners, Mike Warner. While both attorneys here are avid football fans (Go Bears/Hawkeyes!) we are disturbed by the new research concerning concussions and CTE.
A Yes. For one, special care must be taken when a child is significantly injured. Attorneys will typically consult with medical experts to see if the injury will cause any permanent consequences for the child. If so, we must make sure that the child’s future medical needs are taken care of when possible, and we have to consider what the child’s working life will be someday. There are also extra protections in the law for children, so that the court must often approve case settlements and may have a role in determining how the child’s settlement proceeds can be invested.
A Each case depends on its own facts. Anyone who hears a little bit about your case and tells you what it’s worth doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The value of each case depends on many things – liability (whose fault was it), the severity of the injury, the amount of monetary damages (medical bills, lost wages, etc), the permanency of the injury, and many other things. With personal injury and medical malpractice cases, it can be difficult to predict what a jury would do. When we accept a case, we will let you know once the case is ready for potential settlement what we think a reasonable verdict range is, and then we will help you decide whether to settle the case or take it to trial.
A Each case is different. Some cases come into our office and are resolved in a few weeks – some take several years. Again, this depends on the nature of the case and severity of the injuries. In many cases we want to wait until you heal up before we try to get the case resolved. In other cases, that simply isn’t possible. We pursue all of our cases diligently – we want to get them done for you quickly and efficiently – but we don’t sacrifice quality to get them done fast.
A In most cases, we don’t charge money up front. We typically work on a contingent fee – meaning that we get a percentage of whatever we get you. When we do that, we don’t charge you if we lose the case. We also don’t make you pay for case costs along the way. If we win or settle, those costs come out of your settlement. If we lose, you don’t owe us anything for costs. In some cases, we charge an hourly rate – usually because the case hopefully won’t take a lot of time and it would be unfair for us to charge a percentage of a relatively easily recovery. Either way, we discuss all fee issues with you up front before you sign up with us.
A We will talk to you about your case on the phone to see if we can help you. We won’t give you legal advice or tell you what to do when you first call us because we frankly won’t know enough about the case to give you the type of advice you deserve. If you come in to meet with us, you don’t owe us anything for the initial visit.
A In any serious case, it’s usually a good idea to have an attorney. Of course, we turn down cases nearly every day where we can’t help the person. Why do we do that? Because if we took those cases, the client wouldn’t be happy and we wouldn’t be happy (and frankly probably wouldn’t make any money). Call us, and we will do our best to tell you if you need an attorney. As for why you should pick us? We believe our bios and our success record speak for themselves.
A No. While there are some great lawyers in Chicago, there are great lawyers right here in the Quad Cities. Look at our resumes and speak with us before you call someone from out of the area. We think you’ll find that we have the experience, skills, and personal touch you are looking for.

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